School Was Never so Much Fun

Ongoing training not only improves your dog's general behaviour, allowing you to take them anywhere with you and help them to become an integrated member of your family. Perhaps more importantly, regular training improves communication and understanding between you and your dog, strengthening your bond through a shared activity.

We have lots of options for regular training in various disciplines such as  AGILITY, RALLY, HOOPERS and SCENTWORK and excellent facilities at our primary venue:-

 A fully enclosed, floodlit paddock, and indoor agility/rally arena and a purpose built office and training room.


All of our ongoing training classes are £66 per 6 week block. All with small class sizes (maximum 6-8 dogs dependent upon the discipline)

One-to-one sessions can be arranged subject to availability and are charged at £25 per hour or £15 per half hour.



We teach improved pet dog obedience in the form of the Kennel Club Good Citizen Award, from bronze to gold level (we even have a 'post-gold' class for those wishing to continue once they have already passed Gold!). We also run regular testing sessions through out the year - usually at the end of each 6 week training block.


We run one-to-one agility sessions and a full range of agility classes starting with pre-beginners (focusing on foundation skills) and progressing to competition classes. We also have an active agility club, hosting guest trainers, events and workshops for our members.

Hoopers is a relatively new discipline in which dogs run through hoops rather than over jumps. It is excellent for developing distance control or as a 'no impact' alternative to agility.  



We run both one-to-one KC rally sessions and a full range of KC rally classes, from level 1 right up to level 6.
Rally is based around heel work but involves negotiating a course of signs requiring different turns, positions and even jumps. It is a lovely friendly sport that promotes good partnership and kind training methods making it an ideal hobby for enthusiastic pet owners.

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