A complete approach to educating both yourselves and your new puppy providing all the tools you

need to guide your puppy through those crucial first months. Our puppy packages have been developed

from the most up to date research and understanding of early canine development to help

your puppy grow into a happy and problem free companion



Alongside a detailed workbook, this package includes everything you will need to lay the foundations for your puppy's future.  

  • An intial puppy visit at your home to provide the best start to integrating your puppy into your houshold

  • The 6 week Puppy Concepts Course: A group class (max 6 dogs) focusing on key concepts and life skills for the future and providing a solid foundation for further training. Rather than focusing on more traditional 'command training' the course covers more general concepts such as attentiveness, settling, impulse control and coping with distractions.  The result is puppies who progress far more quickly when we progress to more specific pet dog obedience behaviours (during our Puppy Progress Course)

  • A free social skills session providing appropriate socialisation with a group of dogs who have good canine communication signals themselves as we discuss how to recognise good socialisation opportuntities whilst you are out and about. 



This 6 week group class (max. 8 dogs) is the natural follow from the Puppy Concepts Package. Having establish good foundation life skills and improved attentiveness , even in distractions,  your puppy will be ready to progress your training to work on speicifc skills and cues behaviours ('training commands'). We also work on developing your handling skills and ability, improving your communication with your puppy and helping them to learn more easily.



Our Complete Puppy Package includes everything above..... Over 3 months of ongoing training and support to set your puppy up for a lifetime. The Complete Puppy Package also includes a substantial discount compared to purchasing the Puppy Concepts Package and Puppy Progress Course separately

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