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Behaviour Diagnostic Appointment . This initial consultation is the most involved and lasts 2 hours. During this time a history of your dog’s behaviour is taken and the details of the problems being displayed are discussed in detail. Based on this information initial recommendations for your treatment programme will then be provided. You will receive a detailed written report of your consultation including various handouts to support you and full telephone/email support as you begin to work through the recommendations.

A follow up session is recommended  lasting (1 hour) to focus on practical implementation of the programme and to build upon the recommendations provided during your diagnostic session. During your follow up we will assess progress and, if appropriate, further practical exercises will be introduced. Further rehabilitation sessions can be arranged if ongoing support (particularly with practical work) is required.

All behaviour treatment requires a referral from your veterinary surgeon. It is advisable that you contact your veterinary surgery prior to booking an appointment to ensure that a behaviour referral is considered appropriate. Prior to your appointment your vet will need to complete a veterinary referral slip/form and you will need to complete a behaviour questionnaire.

BEHAVIOUR DIAGNOSTIC APPOINTMENT (Wirral, Chester and Cheshire West) 

BEHAVIOUR DIAGNOSTIC APPOINTMENT (parts of North Wales, Cheshire East and Merseyside) 


*Many dog insurance companies include cover for behavioural treatment so it is advisable to check your policy.

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