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Online Classes Available

At home training courses involve notes and videos. We ask you to record and send your videos back to us for feedback and training to help you.


K9 BRATS Rally awards - Bronze award. Our awards start with Level 1 and Level 2 rally courses.

K9 BRATS Trick awards - Bronze. Our awards start with 7 tricks, you will need to complete 6 of them to move up to our Silver award.

K9 BRATS Kennel Club Good Citizens award Puppy, Bronze, Silver, Gold - this is what we teach in our classes to prepare you for the KC test, no test is available at the moment but we will give you a mock online test and earn your self a K9 BRATS award.

K9 BRATS Agility Sequencing - If you have access to agility equipment 6 jumps or 5/6 jumps and a tunnel then agility sequencing is for you, this is a range of sequences and drills to practice your skills

K9 BRATS Agility Foundation and Skills - You will need cones for this course but this visits your foundation, flatwork and skills needed. Foundation is good to revisit if you are already doing agility or looking at starting agility

All the above courses run for 4 weeks at £35.

Limited to 10 places per month for each of the above courses.

K9 BRATS Puppy Concepts Course, this is very own puppy course in a online form, an email version of our course booklet is included runs for 6 weeks for £70

Hoopers online awards by our own CHUK instructor please contact us for details.

Please email to book your place and start date.

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