One-to-One Training

Designed for dogs with basic training problems or minor behaviour issues. One-to-one sessions are tailored to the specific needs of you and your dog.

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Behaviour Counselling

Designed for dogs displaying significant behaviour problems. Behaviour treatment courses include problem assessment, explanation, treatment programme and rehabilitation work

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Training Classes

We run a variety of training courses for dogs of all ages including: Puppy, Junior and University Courses, Kennel Club Good Citizen Classes, Agility and Rally Obedience

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One-to-One Training

Our one-to-one training sessions are designed as an introduction to a class environment where appropriate. We focus primarily on trouble shooting and preventing problem behaviour developing in puppies. However we do also offer behaviour rehabilitation session to our ongoing behaviour clients and one-to-one training in both Agility and Rally Obedience.


These sessions are designed for puppies signed up to our Puppy Concepts Package. They are usually conducted as house calls and are approximately 1 hour long. A Puppy Visit is ideal for those wishing to start their puppy’s training as soon as possible, indeed we often see owners within a few weeks of bringing their puppy home so they can start on the right track.


These sessions are only available to our current behaviour clients in order to help them with the practical implementation of their behaviour modification programme. This is especially useful when working with dogs with reactivity issues and there is a need to manage exposure to problem triggers appropriately in a secure and controlled environment.


We offer a wide range on ongoing disciplines for you and your pet to get involved in. Although we have a range of Agility and Rally Classes to suit all levels, there may be some occasions where a class is not convenient or suitable for you and/or your dog. Or you may want a one-to-one session for some more specific tuition on a problem area or to supplement your class attendance. However, please bear in mind we have often have a waiting list for 1-1 availability.


PUPPY VISIT: £40.00 per Hour or included in our Puppy Concepts Package see Training Classes
AGILITY/RALLY: £25 per Hour (£15 for 30 mins)


What training methods do you use?

Our training methods are primarily reward based, utilising a range of rewards such as treats, toys, attention and ‘life-rewards’. These methods are kind and also scientifically proven to be effective in teaching dogs of all dispositions. Harsh or forceful training techniques are not tolerated at any of our classes.

How old does my dog have to be before I start training?

By the time you get a new puppy (at 6-10 weeks of age) he or she will be quite capable of learning basic commands and your ‘house rules.’ Accordingly, I recommend starting training as early as possible. Putting it off until the dog is older only provides the dog with a chance to learn the wrong kinds of behaviours which you will have to work much harder to remove at a later date.

A common myth is that you have to wait until the dog is 6 months of age before you can begin training. In the past this was often the case as training techniques were often more forceful than is generally accepted today. Harsh or forceful training techniques are not suitable for young puppies as their bones and muscles are still forming. Any undue stress on the neck such as a sharp jerk of a lead correction can injure a puppy. More up to date training methods are based on kinder, ‘hands off’ techniques which are quite suitable for teaching even the most delicate puppy.Puppies can attend the Puppy Concepts Course once their vaccinations are complete, in the mean time you have the one-to-one puppy visit to address any settling in problems and to get started on the most important things as soon as possible.

Which training option would best suit my needs?

It depends very much on your requirements. The advantage of classes is that your dog is able to learn to respond around distractions (i.e. whilst there are other dogs and people around).

However, for some dogs a class can be too distracting and it is preferable that the training is conducted away from distractions, at least to start with. In these cases a one-to-one training session may be more beneficial.

Where are one-­to­-one training sessions held?

Puppy Visits are usually conducted in your own home allowing us to see your dog in the environment he/she is most comfortable in. Rehabilitation sessions can be arranged for at home, out on walks or at our training grounds.

Where are the Rally or Agility one-to-one held?

these take place at one of our training grounds Glenbrittle or Sutton Farm where we have all the necessary equipment and are fully enclosed.