One-to-One Training

Designed for dogs with basic training problems or minor behaviour issues. One-to-one sessions are tailored to the specific needs of you and your dog.

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Behaviour Counselling

Designed for dogs displaying significant behaviour problems. Behaviour treatment courses include problem assessment, explanation, treatment programme and rehabilitation work

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Training Classes

We run a variety of training courses for dogs of all ages including: Puppy, Junior and University Courses, Kennel Club Good Citizen Classes, Agility and Rally Obedience

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“Kate was recommended to us by a lady walking her dog along the beach and we contacted her about our new rescue dog, Jimbo, who was very nervous and showing separation anxiety. Kate’s advice was invaluable and within two weeks we moved from a dog that was unable to be separated from you for more than a second to a dog that was happily able to be left in a room. Within a month he was able to be left downstairs overnight, something we never thought we would be able to achieve. He can now be left alone when we are out without any problems.

We have also attended Kate’s training classes which have helped make Jimbo a happier and more confident dog. He has also got his Gold Kennel Club Good Citizen Award! We would not have been able to do any of this without the guidance and techniques that Kate has provided.”

Barry Sedgewick and Jimbo (pictured left)

“Without Kate’s expertise and common-sense approach to Jenny’s training I would not now have a young dog who has become a well integrated member of the family. She is a pleasure to own.”

Mr. Ralls and Jenny

“How much have we all enjoyed our Puppy Class! It’s almost sad to have reached the end.,…. Karen has been excellent. She has such an enthusiastic but common sense approach. BIG BIG thanks to Karen.”

Mr. and Mrs. Horton and Oscar

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Kate’s first dog was a Labrador, Scout who was a failed guide dog. Scout was followed by littermates  Jess and Dylan, rescued as puppies from a skip in Warrington. In general getting littermates it is not recommend as 2 pups are more than two times the workload, but in experienced hands both Jess and Dylan developed into excellent pets. Kate’s current dog is Vica, a Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer. Kate and Vica have participated in a range of activities, including agility and working trials. Vica also acts as a demo dog at Kate’s lectures and sometimes ‘assists’ with training classes. Vica is pictured left completing the 6ft scale.

Karen owned her first dog, a border collie, when she was 8 years old. She has also owned mongrels but has a passion for training collies and currently owns a 10 year old Welsh Collie called Gizmo (pictured left demonstrating at our agility classes).

Claire owns 3 border collies, Tess, Holly and Stella and has competed in both Agility and Flyball. Claire has completed her Gold Kennel Club Good Citizen Award with all 3 dogs and both Tess and Stella currently compete in agility at grade 4 .

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Sutton Weavers Agility Club was set up by Karen in 2011 running from the Sutton Fields Venue. Starting as a small and friendly club it continues to grow, particularly with the incorporation of Glenbrittle Kennels as a second agility venue, but the club still retains its friendly atmosphere. Sutton Weavers Agility Club members have monthly club competitions and some also partake in our agility and obedience display teams

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