One-to-One Training

Designed for dogs with basic training problems or minor behaviour issues. One-to-one sessions are tailored to the specific needs of you and your dog.

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Behaviour Counselling

Designed for dogs displaying significant behaviour problems. Behaviour treatment courses include problem assessment, explanation, treatment programme and rehabilitation work

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Training Classes

We run a variety of training courses for dogs of all ages including: Puppy, Junior and University Courses, Kennel Club Good Citizen Classes, Agility and Rally Obedience

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Seminars & Workshops

K9BRATS hosts seminars and workshops on dog related subjects every year. These include practical handling workshops in various disciplines (primarily agility, but we have also hosted rally, gundog training and tracking workshops, etc.) with the top trainers in their field. We also offer occasional seminars on dog related subjects which are suitable for anyone wishing to know more about dog training and/or canine behaviour or for the continuing professional development of those already working in the field. See below for upcoming seminars and workshops. Please note: some of our workshops are only available to our own club members

K9BRATS partner Kate Reevell also lectures on a variety of dog training and behaviour subjects and is sometimes available for talks and seminars. Kate has studied canine behaviour to Masters level and is a visiting lecturer on the Harper Adams University Animal Behaviour and Welfare degree course. She has also lectured for Liverpool John Moores University and for the Kennel Club Accredited Instructors Scheme, both at Crufts and at their annual Try Out, Take In and Teach weekend. Links to some of the papers and articles Kate has written information on subjects and lectures she has given are listed below:-

Kate Reevell CCAB, MSc. CABC, KCAI


  • Thompson K F, (McBride E A) and (Redhead, E). (2010) Training engagement and the development of behavior problems in the dog: A longitudinal study. Journal of Veterinary Behaviour vol 5 issue 1 page 57
  • Thompson K F, (McBride E A) and (Redhead, E). (2010) Early Experience and the development of behavior problems in the dog. APBC 21st Birthday Conference: March 6th. – Poster Presentation
  • KCAI STANDARD – (Winter 2011-2012) Canine Behavioural Development
  • (Westgarth C), Reevell K and (Barclay R). (2012) Association between prospective owner viewing of the parents of a puppy and later referral for behavioural problems. Veterinary Record vol 170 issue 19 – ABSTRACT


  • Training Engagement and the Development of Behaviour Problems in the Dog
  • Nature/Nurture – the foundations of Canine Behaviour
  • Learning Theory
  • Canine Behavioural Development – the first year of a dogs life
  • Understanding Behaviour – A focus on the stress response

Seminars and Workshops 2017-18

Regular Agility Masterclasses with SHAUN HUNT, WAO Biathlon World Champion (club members only)
Regular Lee Gibson Training sessions (club members only)
Canine Conditioning Workshop